Tahiti? Bora Bora? Cocos Keeling?

Try downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. That’s right, this idyllic postcard scene is a ten-minute bicycle ride from City Hall.

After notching my belt with a circumnavigation through many premier destinations, I graced the cover of my logs, Endless Summer, with a snapshot of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Granted, Florida does not have the caché of a South Pacific island, but a cruising Polynesian might find Florida an exotic sailing destination. Maybe that is one reason we travel, not so much to seek out greener pastures, but to appreciate the paradise we already have.

The adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence),” has been attributed to Desiderius Erasmus. He was a fifteenth-century Dutch humanist and theologian and the author of Adagia, a book of many famous sayings that have survived to this day. Had he known of Columbus’s epic voyage and the start of the Golden Age of Discovery, he might have added, “The water is always bluer over the horizon.”

By Ocean Navigator