Swedish sailor found off South Africa

Marie Holm 26 Photo

A Swedish sailor who hadn't been heard from for more than 80 days was rescued yesterday in the Indian Ocean off South Africa by a Greek merchant ship. Stig Lundvall, aged 66, departed Falmouth, U.K., on July 20th 2011 aboard his Marieholm 26 and was reportedly bound for Perth, Austrailia. He had passed from the South Atlantic to the Indian Ocean when he ran into a storm that dismasted his boat  and left him adrift. He was reportedly drifting for weeks and down to his last flare when he sighted the Greek ship Proteus. He fired off his last flare when Proteus was one mile distant. The ship saw the flare and diverted to pick him up roughly 400 kilometers off Richard's Bay, South Africa. His only method of communication was reported to a VHF radio and so he was unable to make a long distance call for help. More info available via post by Jon Amtrup.

By Ocean Navigator