Summer Sailstice and a virtual circumnavigation

Summer Sailstice, the global holiday celebrating sailing, has just announced “a new strategic partnership” with the Ocean Conservancy that is designed to support the Ocean Conservancy’s mission of ocean preservation. “Beyond connecting sailors worldwide in a celebration of sailing, Summer Sailstice has a longstanding goal of promoting strong bonds between sailors and the sea” says Summer Sailstice founder John Arndt. “The Ocean Conservancy has worked for over 30 years to protect the environment sailors enjoy every day making this important organization an ideal partner in our continued efforts to support a clean and healthy sailing environment for all sailors”.

The new partnership between Summer Sailstice and the Ocean Conservancy debuts on June 23rd and 24th with a new virtual event, a circumnavigation of the globe. To participate in this unique event, sailors sign up on the Summer Sailstice website, pledging a donation to the Ocean Conservancy associated with each mile they sail in support of a worldwide circumnavigation. All proceeds from the global circumnavigation will go to supporting the Ocean Conservancy’s ocean protection programs. Sailors can log their miles on the Summer Sailstice website so other sailors can view all sailors sailing plans on the solstice. The global goal is for all participating boats to sail a combined total of 26,000 miles, the equivalent of a complete circumnavigation of the globe. “Just imagine, with 2,600 boats sailing ten miles each on the Summer Sailstice weekend of June 23rd and 24th, sailors can come together to sail a combined lap around the world!” noted Arndt. “If each boat raises just $1 per mile, sailors will be contributing $26,000 to the valuable programs sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy”.

“With over 170,000 members, most of who have a close connection to the sea through diving, surfing, kayaking as well as sailing, our members at the Ocean Conservancy have a deep respect for the protection of the oceans,” commented Kate McGoldrick, Ocean Conservancy Vice President for Outreach. “While protection of our ocean is serious business, we’ve long wanted a fun way to engage sailors in marine and working with Summer Sailstice to create this virtual sail around the globe is a perfect way to do just that.” n

By Ocean Navigator