Summer Sailstice – 13th annual

Start Your Sailing Summer –  June 22nd!

Visit to sign-up and join thousands of sailors worldwide in a global celebration of sailing.  2013 could be your lucky year as you join the 13th annual Summer Sailstice with a chance to win prizes from many of your favorite marine companies.

Bonus full moon sail!  Summer Sailstice is always on the weekend closest to the summer solstice – the most daylight of the entire year*.  In 2013, the bonus is Summer Sailstice weekend is also the biggest full moon of the year.

* Northern Hemisphere only!

No Sailboat?  No problem:
Do you have to own a tennis court to play tennis?  Own a swimming pool to swim?  Of course not.  And you don't have to own a sailboat to go sailing!  There are millions more sailors than sailboats because almost every sailboat needs 1-5 crew to sail.  You just need to find a sailboat to crew on or find one at the numerous locations offering public sailing.  There are literally hundreds of places ready to have you sign up and sail.  Start here to find hundreds of access points to sailing. Or try 'peer-to-peer' boat rental with  Don't be left ashore on June 22nd.   

Support Windpower – Go Sailing!
Celebrate the wind… you can sail all day without burning a drop of oil.  Nothing in our life is completely fossil fuel free but sailing comes pretty close.  You can sail all summer without fossil fuels, without the noise of engines and reconnect with the environment and friends on the water.  Start out by signing up for Summer Sailstice this year.  When you do you can go one step further and 'check the box' for Sailors for the Sea to support their ocean conservation programs.

By Ocean Navigator