Stowe sets sail on 1000-day voyage

Reid Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad embarked Saturday from NY on a 1000-day voyage around the globe, non-stop, and without port calls. On a previous voyage Stowe set sail on a 200-day voyage with his now ex-wife in 1999. Their 70-foot schooner, ANNE, was built by Reid and his family 30 years ago and named for his mother. If he succeeds he will have trumped Australian Jon Sanders non-stop record of 657 days.

allen janes on 04/25/2007 23:28

.One thing I don’t get: Reid’s blog only lists HIM as the storyteller, he doesn’t even mention Soanya’s name in the subtitle. And he gloats in another post at how Yahoo listed his news story as Number One all day Sunday, as if he is in this more for rating and Fame and PR for his book and movie later, than really doing this for real reasons. He is a fame seeker. Like all Americans. see the subtitle of his blog. he is not for real and he is not giving Soanya credit. WHY? is he is this for OTHER reasons. the media should be asking this?

This is how REid’s blog reads now: “1000 Days Non-stop at Sea:
Stories of Reid Stowe (sic), the Schooner (sic) Anne, and her Quest (Sic) to set a new sailing record of 1,000 Days @ Sea w/o stopping or resupply.”

Notice no mention of Soanya’s name there. Why is that? I wrote to him on his blog and asked him to correct his to say “stories of Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad…..” But he deletede my comment and refused to make change. Go figure.

By Ocean Navigator