Standing by for the arrival of a second sun

220px Rising Sun Yacht

Every morning — every clear morning — the sun rises over the islands of Casco Bay, gracing the world headquarters of Ocean Navigator with its warmth. And this morning the waterfront buzz has it that a second sun is about to make an appearance.

The $200 million Rising Sun, said to be the sixth largest, private yacht in the world, will be visiting Maine sometime this month and Portland expects the yacht will be berthed at the Portland Ocean Terminal, a.k.a. the Maine State Pier.

The Rising Sun’s owner, David Geffen, started out in the mailroom of the William Morris Agency, rose through the ranks of Atlantic Records, eventually becoming vice-chairman of Warner Brothers film studios. In 1994, Geffen teamed up with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg to launch Dreamworks SKG studio.

As described by one local daily newspaper, the Rising Sun is 453 feet long and features 82 rooms, five stories, and an extensive wine cellar.

Local WGAN-AM radio talk show host and salty raconteur John McDonald noted this past weekend that a boat has cabins not rooms, decks not stories, and as for the wine cellar, McDonald pointed out that boats don’t have cellars. That would be the bilge.

I will try to get a photo to share as soon as Rising  Sun graces Ocean Navigator’s offices with its shadow.

By Ocean Navigator