SSCA Maine rendezvous

Seven Seas Cruising Association commodores Dick and Kathy de Grasse, Endeavour, welcomed the 15th annual Downeast Rendezvous at their cottage in Islesboro, Maine, this summer. Sixty-one boats were represented, with 52 anchored in front of the cottage. Two English boats also were welcomed.

SSCA directors Richard Blackford, Slow Dancing, and Nancy Zapp, Halekai, were special guests of the event.

Blackford spoke about the goings on at SSCA headquarters and his important recent success in modifying the Miami Beach anchoring ordinance. Zapp announced plans for the upcoming Annapolis gam.

Peter and Peggy McCrea, Panacea, were special house guests. Peter McCrea spoke about his success in his seventh Bermuda 1-2 race. Peggy McCrea, an artist as well as a writer, read an excerpt from her new book Maine Sails.

Ted Gimble, Take It Easy, spoke about happenings in the Bahamas, particularly in Georgetown, Exuma.

Finally, surprise speaker Bill Stevenson, the Maine TowBoat U.S. representative, spoke about the details of towing and salvage contracts, insurance, and maritime law. Many sailors learned, for the first time, how to deal with salvage and towing situations.

Those who didn’t make the gam this year are invited to the 16th annual Downeast Rendezvous at Islesboro, Maine, Aug. 4, 5 and 6, 2006. For navigators who want to plan ahead, the coordinates of the anchorage are 44° 16.9′ N, 068° 55.9′ W.

By Ocean Navigator