Squid attack

Another interesting recent message from Samantha Davies on Roxy on the Vendee Globe race. She was evidently “attacked” by squid overnight. Not sure exactly how the squid got aboard. They don’t have wings like flying fish, after all. When a flying fish comes scuppering into the cockpit during a night watch, you certainly notice. But does a squid make an equally dramatic appearance?

From the press release: Yesterday I saw some interesting wildlife. In the morning, Roxy was covered in little squids. So I guessed that we had been under attack during the night! Guillaume, one of the Roxy boys, would have had a whole meal out of what was on deck, but eating them raw like that is not my cup of tea! Later on during the day, I saw my first albatross and even a seal! I didn’t realise seals swam so far away from land. Nice to have a bit of company anyway.

It was such a busy Sunday and I am glad I got all my jobs done. I even had time for a last bucket shower, in the evening sunshine, probably the last time I chuck seawater over my head until after Cape Horn!

It was yet another beautiful sunset and Roxy was bubbling along under spinnaker. Just perfect sailing and hard to believe we are in the Southern Ocean. The sun dropped into the sea, colouring the sky oranges and pinks and turning the sea into an oily blue. The sky above, the colour of twilight, decorated by a slither of the new moon.

It is good to see the moon again putting to an end these pitch black nights we were having, where it is impossible to see anything. The stars are less easy to see now. However once we are in the “land of the shadows” for real, to see any star will be a treat as the sky is nearly always cloudy.


By Ocean Navigator