Spectra Watermakers Announces Remote Manual Controlled Watermakers

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Petaluma, Calif. – Spectra Watermakers, specialists in energy-efficient desalination systems designed for open ocean vessels, offshore oil platforms, military, disaster relief, emergency preparedness and distributed infrastructure, and part of the Katadyn Group, announced today the launch of a new line of controllers for their compact and ultra-efficient desalination products – the Ventura 150, Ventura 200 and Catalina 340 Remote Manual watermakers.

Featuring a simplified Remote Manual controller, the new devices can be easily mounted in convenient locations and offer basic control of the watermaker without the automation and real-time diagnostics offered by the more advanced Spectra Connect controller. This makes the Remote Manual system a competitively priced option for boat builders, hands-on sailors and price-conscious end-users who want the quality and water production of a Spectra system without full automation, but with the added convenience of easy three-button remote operation.

“Spectra watermakers are relied on by customers operating in some of the most demanding and extreme conditions on the planet,” said Chris Voxland, general manager, Spectra Watermakers/Katadyn Desalination. “Our new Remote Manual controllers add exceptional versatility and value to an already incredible product line. The affordability and efficiency of these products are also perfectly suited for solar powered and all-electric yachts – an area where we are seeing tremendous growth.”

In traditional reverse osmosis watermakers, reject brine exits the membranes under pressure, up to 1000 PSI (69 Bar). Spectra’s integrated energy recovery pump technology recovers up to 90% of that lost energy by channeling the high-pressure brine to the underside of the pump piston, reducing the energy used to pressurize the next stroke.

All Spectra watermakers adjust automatically, as part of the hydraulic design, to changes in water temperature and salinity, so there is no need to make adjustments in different climates, bays, rivers or oceans. With the addition of the Ventura 150, Ventura 200 and Catalina 340, Spectra is now making the highest level of energy efficient watermakers available to customers in three different levels of control: fully automated with Spectra Connect, completely manual and Remote Manual.

“Energy efficiency and reliability were the main factors when we selected a Spectra watermaker as standard equipment on the new Xquisite 60 Solar Sail Catamaran,” said Clinton Johns, owner, Phoenix Catamarans. “Spectra systems are already used in our X5 cats with great success. Our X5 Plus has extra solar panels and larger lithium-ion batteries to ensure owners do not need to use the generators under normal conditions, even when making water. Spectra gives solar catamaran owners even more independence without negative environmental impacts, and the lower energy required means they can cruise even further without any water concerns.”

For more information on the Ventura 150, Ventura 200 and Catalina 340 Remote Manual watermakers, Spectra Watermakers or the entire line of Spectra products, please visit www.spectrawatermakers.com.

By Ocean Navigator