Special movie premiere in Muscat

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The Hollywood premier of the movie "Captain Phillips," the story of the Somali pirate capture of the captain and crew of the container ship Maersk Alabama, wasn't the only special showing of this film. Another premiere took place on the Dutch Navy ship Johan de Witt in Muscat, currently deployed as part of the European naval force counter-piracy operation off Somalia. There were no reports of a red carpet or any Hollywood stars, but the captain and crew of HNLMS Johan de Witt and some invited guests enjoyed watching the film while seated on the ship's flight deck.

Johan de Witt's captain, Frank Foreman, said “This premiere was a chance for my crew to have some rest and recuperation after a number of weeks at sea and after three months in the mission. I believe that the evening was more than just watching a movie. This movie contributes to the awareness of Somali piracy and the misery caused to the innocent crews and their families.”  

By Ocean Navigator