Solo circumnavigators to recreate Bligh journey

For those intrepid small boat voyagers with a yen for adventure, how about re-enacting Captain William Bligh’s 4,000-mile small boat passage across the South Pacific? An Australian solo circumnavigator Don McIntyre and Mike Perham, the current record holder for the youngest solo circumnavigator, plan to sail Bligh’s route and are looking for two sailors to join them. Bring your own breadfruit.

From the press release: Australian adventurer and solo round the world sailor, Don McIntyre announced today that Mike Perham, the world’s youngest solo circumnavigator, has signed up as Second-in-command for the 2010 Bounty Boat Expedition. This is a 4,000-mile re-enactment 221 years after Capt William Bligh and his supporting crew were forced into an open-boat by the mutineering crew on HMS Bounty and successfully sailed from Tonga to Timor in the Pacific. McIntyre and Perham will face the same deprivations, with little food, no charts or toilet paper and only the limited navigation implements that were available to Bligh.

The search is now on for two extra crew to join this expedition, which has a serious scientific purpose, as well as raise money for MND research. This opportunity of a lifetime to re-create history will cost each individual £10,000 to participate. Only those with an extreme sense of adventure need apply.

By Ocean Navigator