Social Navigator Launches 3D Voyager Interactive Virtual Tour

Saint Augustine, Fla. – Social Navigator, the marine industry‘s leading interactive media provider, announced the release of a new service utilizing ultra-high-resolution 3D scanning to create a virtual space to interact with customers – the 3D Voyager (3DV). This innovative technology allows companies to interact with customers virtually as if they were actually touring a new boat, exploring a dealer storefront or walking into a marine show booth.
Social Navigator‘s team of regionally-based technical videographers are ready to perform 360-degree scans at a cost that is less than an average plane ticket. Within days of booking, a vessel or space can be scanned and the virtual space is programmed and ready for sharing with a simple link that can be embedded on a company’s website. These virtual spaces provide an amazing 3D experience which allows viewers to interact in an entirely new way. In addition to an accurate three-dimensional environment, 3D Voyager can be constructed with clickable points placed throughout, providing the opportunity to highlight key features and benefits within the space to further educate and entertain the audience.
“Boaters by nature are masters at adapting to uncertainty,” said Kirsten Corrsen, Social Navigator. “During these times we have all relied on new technology to interact with our customers and co-workers. With digital marketing and social media at the core of Social Navigator, we have the tools needed to create the next evolution in a customer’s online experience, beyond a staged video. 3DV tours give your customers and partners the experience they need, conveniently from the safety of their office or home.”
3D Voyager offers tremendous cost savings to customers by reducing travel expenses and maintaining current social distancing requirements, while providing customers with the ability to tour the space on their own terms without the need to visit a physical location. Companies can further integrate with popular networking tools, such as Zoom® or Microsoft Teams®, allowing sales staff to act as digital tour guides for clients to walk them through their virtual space. This service is ideal for:

    Boat manufacturers to share new models in detail with their dealership base,
    Boat dealers and brokers to demo new or used listings in a way that replicates the “size and scale” of what it’s like to tour the actual boat,
    Marine accessory manufacturers to duplicate their trade show booths and provide customers and their clients an immersible and interactive brand experience, and
    Charter boat companies to give customers the opportunity to try a boat before booking and verify all the details will fit their preferences.

To see a demonstration of the 3D Voyager, such as a virtual tour of the Defender Warehouse, Uflex Steering trade show booth or a vessel tour of a new Hinckley, visit
For more information on the 3D Voyager or Social Navigator, please visit

By Ocean Navigator