SmartPlug Systems introduces safer shore-power plug

For decades, boat owners have struggled with outdated, round shorepower connectors that do not provide the protection of today’s technology.  Revolutionizing boaters’ access to AC power, SmartPlug Systems introduces the first safe and easy-to-use alternative to the current standard in 70 years.  
Featuring a patented design, the SmartPlug 30 amp plug and inlet helps protect against the two leading causes of fire and electrocution, unstable connections and overheating, with its innovative shape and secure locking mechanisms.  It’s the first product released in a complete shorepower system.
SmartPlug’s unique sleeve configuration nests the plug and inlet together, making aligning the pins a snap.  Any pressure or force is absorbed by the assembly’s body and not the electrical pins.  Due to an innovative shape, it can only be plugged in one way.  SmartPlug is effortless to orient and connect, even in the dark.  
With a revolutionary locking system, SmartPlug decreases the risk of faulty connections.  Locks on both sides of the plug snap into the inlet so users can feel and hear the positive connection.  A simple squeeze to the two side levers releases the mechanism.  
A solid, stable electrical union is further ensured by a stainless steel inlet cover lock that hooks onto the rear of the plug.  When fully secured, SmartPlug can withstand a substantial amount of vertical force.
Its straight electrical pins provide a 20 times greater contact area than thin, curved pins found on round-style plugs.  Once the sleeve is aligned, the three blades slide straight into the connector, no twisting is required.
Offering a triple seal waterproof connection, SmartPlug utilizes a compressed front seal, rear seal and flanged cord seal to protect against corrosion of internal electrical components.  A built-in thermostat automatically shuts off electrical current around 200˚F to prevent overheating.  It automatically resets at 100˚F.
Installation is simple and replacing an existing inlet is convenient.  Users just remove the legacy-style round inlet, connect the wiring to the SmartPlug inlet and fasten using the original hole pattern.  To replace a plug on an existing cordset, owners can cut off the old plug, strip the wires and fasten to the SmartPlug.
SmartPlug Systems’ innovative 30 amp plug and inlet assembly retails for $225.  For larger boats, a 50 amp plug and inlet assembly is currently in development along with dockside outlets and plugs, cordsets and adapters.  Boat owners interested in buying SmartPlug are encouraged to visit their local marine supply store or contact the company directly.
Contact SmartPlug Systems, 3900 15th Place W., Seattle, WA  98119.  206-285-2990; Fax: 206-285-2981.;
By Ocean Navigator