Sirius on NavNet vx2

Weather data from Sirius will soon be available to NavNet vx2 users. From Furuno:

“Keeping track of weather is about to get easier than ever, as Furuno and SIRIUS are working together to provide satellite weather information on the award winning NavNet vx2 line of multifunction navigation units. Furuno will be releasing the BBWX1 SIRIUS Weather Receiver in late spring.

“This receiver will simply plug into your existing NavNet vx2 network, requiring only a software update to the NavNet vx2 displays to allow them to access the BBWX1.

“The combination of NavNet vx2 and the BBWX1 will bring you live, up-to-date weather information and forecasting. The information will be overlayed onto your C-Map MAX chart, allowing you to see the weather cells in relation to your geographic location. A monthly SIRIUS Marine Weather subscription is required.

“The premium weather content that you can expect to see includes current weather reports, NOWRad nationwide high-resolution weather radar imagery, and high-resolution sea surface temperature that can help fishermen locate hot spots. Standard weather features such as pressure isobars, frontal boundaries, squall lines, surface pressure, wind forecasts, marine text forecasts, lightning strike reports, buoy reports, wave height forecasts and storm tracking will also be included.

“The BBWX1 is designed to work with any 7″, 10.4” or Black Box NavNet vx2 running C-Map MAX cartography. When you combine this SIRIUS Marine Weather with Furuno’s TRUE color Radar on the NavNet vx2, you are able to not only forecast the weather, but also track it in real time. With the TRUE color Radar, you will also be able to determine the strongest part of the storm and navigate around it. For the ultimate weather experience, you can also add Furuno’s new PB100 Ultrasonic Weather Station to display real-time conditions outside your vessel. “Furuno understands that weather plays a pivotal role in your boating experience, and that is why we have focused on providing the ultimate solution to weather forecasting and tracking,” commented Jeff Kauzlaric, Furuno’s Advertising & Communications Manager.

By Ocean Navigator