Signal K Version 1.0 released

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The open source marine data communications effort known as Signal K recently released its Version 1.0.0 server and schema software. Signal K is a standardized marine data format. Using Signal K mobile and cloud based software, developers can access free all the NMEA data on your boat. Signal K allows boaters to use new technologies like Alexa skills and Internet of things (IoT) applications. 

The Signal K group's press release puts it this way: "Designed to be a modern, open source, web-friendly and extendable data format for boats, Signal K converts, combines and expands the conventional NMEA protocols found on most boat navigation systems. It takes these older, very specialized and restrictive formats and makes the data compatible with the latest mobile devices and internet based communication technologies."

According to the Signal K group the new standard has a steadily expanding number of mobile apps, such as WilhelmSK and the support of many marine electronics companies like Digital Yacht

"Signal K is already being used on a daily basis, via the Signal K Node and Java servers and products like iKommunicate from Digital Yacht, but V1.0.0 will bring a level of confidence and stability in 2018, so that boaters can simply buy a gateway, plug in a WiFi router, and start using and having fun with Signal K data, apps and services."

Along with the release of version 1.0.0 the group has also announced a new Signal K website and logo. "On the new website you will find lots of information about Signal K solutions, the latest app listing, useful links, image gallery and a working Signal K demo server. For developers, there is a full copy of the latest schema and specification and links to all of the source code on GitHub."

By Ocean Navigator