Shockles Introduces LineGrabber

Many times the simplest solutions are the best. The Shockles® LineGrabber™ is just such a
product. While there are several ways to attach an intermediate tie-off point onto a line (various knots or mechanical devices), most are cumbersome or complicated. That’s exactly why the cleaver people at Simply Brilliant (makers of the Shockles brand marine shock absorbing products) came up with the LineGrabber.

The LineGrabber consists of a sewn double loop of 6mm (1/4”) Dyneema® cord which has a
breaking strength of 5,400#. Simply loop the LineGrabber around any size line from ½” to 1” in diameter, cinch it tight and you have a strong, secure attachment point on your line. Best of all, it’s easily adjustable and removable: simply loosen the loop, slide it where you want it, and cinch it tight. And they float!

For small lines (1/2” diameter) you can loop the LineGrabber around the line three times for a really secure attachment. For larger lines, twice around is sufficient. You can use the LineGrabber to attach Shockles to dock lines, anchor rode, preventer lines, towing
lines, tie-down lines and virtually anywhere else you want. You can even wrap them around stanchions, lifelines, wood rails, small cleats or anywhere else you want a soft, strong, secure attachment point. LineGrabber are reasonably priced at just $14.95/pr and are available at many fine marine chandleries or on-line at

By Ocean Navigator