Seven Seas presents 24th voyager’s ‘gam’

The Seven Seas Cruising Association, a non-exclusive organization of wayward sailors, is gathering in Melbourne, Fla., in November for its 24th annual “gam.” On Nov. 12 to 14, an expected 1,500 sailors will gather for a series of lectures and the chance to share ideas.

The weekend’s feature speaker is John Kretschmer, a widely professional delivery skipper and writer, whose recent book, Flirting with Mermaids, was published this year by Sheridan House (914-693-2410).

The SSCA, founded in 1952 in Coronada, Calif., has 10,000 members worldwide. “If you have the dream to someday sail around the world, or even just to do some serious sailing, we can help keep the dream alive,” said Celyne Roy, editor of SSCA’s lively and readable newsletter called the Commodore’s Bulletin. Membership in SSCAopen to anyonecosts $29 per year and includes a subscription to the monthly Bulletin.

Voyagers interested in attending the big Melbourne gam, either by boat (free anchorage and dinghy service) or overland, can contact the Seven Seas Association in Fort Lauderdale at 954-463-24312 or visit the Seven Seas web site at:

By Ocean Navigator