Seminars at Sea on Oliver Hazard Perry

Come experience the ultimate offshore sailing adventure

Hone your navigation, seamanship, and meteorology skills with Captain Richard Bailey, and the Ocean Navigator School of Seamanship (ONSOS) aboard SSV Oliver Hazard Perry. This exceptional partnership offers adventurous participants the experience of a lifetime. The result is ONSOS curriculum taught aboard a ship that links hundreds of years of tradition to modern time.


SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is a new 21st century Tall Ship but her design is based on centuries-old tradition. Sail training participants of all ages who embark on her will sail an authentic square-rigged ship while enjoying the safety and comfort of modern technology.

The ONSOS celestial navigation course will teach you how to both shoot the sun, stars, planets and moon and to reduce those sights for LOPs and fixes.  You’ll get hands-on instruction on using and adjusting a sextant and learn the satisfying self-reliance of mastering celestial navigation. Ocean Navigator magazine editor Tim Queeney will be your instructor.

A second ONSOS offering will be an in-depth course on weather concepts and on using real-time weather charts at sea.  You’ll learn weather theory and terminology and relate those to actual marine weather charts. The culmination of the course will be a weather planning exercise using all available charts. Pro weather router Ken McKinley will be your instructor.

Participants will live aboard a true Tall Ship and work side by side with professional crew learning square-rig seamanship on the first ocean-going full-rigged ship to be built in America in more than 100 years.

A voyage aboard the Tall Ship SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is safe and it can be exhilarating. But while sailing aboard SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is an adventure, it is also comfortable: our professional chef prepares three fine meals each day, berths and cabins are comfortably furnished, and there is ample hot water for showers (although we must conserve our fresh water supply on longer passages). Accommodations are arranged in two-person state rooms or three-person cabin bunks.

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry has been designed with adult couples in mind. The ship has eight comfortable private staterooms each with two bunks allowing couples to room together. Spouses are encouraged to take different training classes and often stand different watches so they each have unique experiences on the ship. The lessons learned in sailing the ship as well as in the celestial and weather classes help couples build sea confidence for their future voyages on their own boats.

Each individual participates to the best of their ability within the rotating watch system and the efforts of every member of the ship’s company are vital to the voyage. No one is a passenger: everyone works together to help make the voyage a success. No prior experience is necessary; no extraordinary fitness is required. Suggested age is 18 and older.

The SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is a U.S. documented vessel, inspected and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Safety standards for Sailing School Vessels differ from those of passenger vessels on a comparable route, because persons aboard training ships are not passengers but participants who fully share in the ship’s operation. SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will meet or exceed all safety requirements for a vessel of her size and class.

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By Ocean Navigator