Self-righting liferaft feature makes the difference

What could be scarier than a liferaft inflating upside down or worse yet, flipping over in high seas?  Survivors can waste precious minutes and lose body heat in the water righting a liferaft.  Liferafts are most vulnerable to inverting when they are initially deployed prior to the ballast pockets flooding with water to create stability.  Viking Life-Saving Equipment has eliminated this fear by introducing the first recreational, self-righting liferaft, the RescYou Pro inflates and rights within seconds should an inversion occur.

Automatic, self-righting properties ensure the reliable RescYou Pro will inflate to an upright position.  An innovative internal bailing system also helps prevent vacuum pressure that can hinder self-righting. 

Two large, zippered entrances provide easy boarding and cross ventilation.  A highly-visible, inflatable boarding ramp with ladder provides quick, effective and safe entry from the water.  A grab handle on the ramp doubles as a step for simplified boarding.  The second entrance with ladder is big enough to allow direct access from the boat or perform helicopter evacuation from within the liferaft. 

The heavy-duty RescYou Pro features five separate air chambers along with an integral, inflatable double floor for additional protection against hypothermia.  A spacious canopy offers generous headroom and considerable interior volume.  Four, 16-gallon, quick filling, weighted ballast bags supply maximum stability equivalent to 500lbs.

For increased visibility, Viking’s RescYou Pro is fitted with SOLAS-grade, retro-reflective tape as well as an automatically activated, flashing SOS exterior light and steady interior light.  Both are USCG-approved and offer a minimum 8 hours of light.  To conserve precious energy, both lights are able to be turned off and saved for use at night should deployment occur during daytime hours. 

Built to international standard ISO 9650 Part 1, meeting ISAF requirements and approved by Danish authorities, the versatile liferaft includes an offshore E-Type equipment pack standard in the United States.  Additional ISO Pack 1, Pack II and SOLAS B are also available. In addition to the emergency equipment pack, it is also outfitted with a sea anchor, rescue quoit, buoyant safety knife and internal and external life lines.  A pocket inside the floor secures the radar reflection mast. 

The superior RescYou Pro liferaft is available in 4-, 6- or 8-person sizes.  It comes in a valise or fiberglass container with rail or deck mounting options. 

Extensively tested, the RescYou Pro Viking Life-Saving Equipment has suggested retail prices starting at $2,850.00.

Contact Viking Life-Saving Equipment, 1400 NW 159th St., #101, Miami, FL  33169.  305-614-5800;  Fax: 305-614-5810.

By Ocean Navigator