Danderyd, Sweden – Seapilot, a leading marine navigation application, announced today an update adding important features including tidal prediction, Closest Point of Approach (CPA) calculation and Electronic Range and Bearing Line (ERBL) functionality. These latest features add vital safety information to aid navigators in planning and executing a successful voyage.
“Our Seapilot app is rapidly gaining popularity and we are excited to provide these new features for our current and future customers,” said Anders Bergström, CEO, True Heading AB, parent company of Seapilot. “We have already put professional navigation technologies such as AIS boat tracking and up-to-date nautical charts on mobile devices in a user-friendly way. Adding vital information for the navigator like tidal predictions, CPA and ERBL capabilities rounds out our already powerful platform.”
With Seapilot’s tidal prediction feature, users can select nearby tidal stations to view the latest high and low tides in their area, and scroll through by time for the most accurate tidal predictions. CPA functionality gives users a visual means of determining the collision risk of AIS targets for safer passage making. The ERBL feature helps to measure distance from the vessel to any fixed point and is also a great tool to set clearance for safe passage around an obstacle.
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The new Seapilot features complement the already impressive list of the app’s capabilities, including automatic updates of preferred chart data, innovative Social Boating® functionality, updated real-time weather forecasts and routing (GRIB), race planning with POLAR and GRIB files and NMEA connectivity for up-to-date instrument data.
Built to the highest of standards, the easy-to-use Seapilot Navigation app uses S-57 vector chart data displayed on its proprietary chart engine, combined with a direct GPS connection for position and presentation of up-to-the-minute AIS data on portable devices including smartphones and tablets. The Seapilot app is capable of displaying current position information, course and speed vectors for AIS targets, and in-app weather data for increased situational awareness. With autonomous navigation, charts are downloaded directly to a device, so internet access is not necessary while on the water. The app allows boaters to set routes and waypoints, mark objects, and assess the bearing and range between plotted points and the vessel. The customizable display has settings for day, dawn/dusk and night, and the orientation can be changed between North-Up and Heads-Up views, all in high definition.
Seapilot was founded in 2011 and quickly gained a prominent position among navigation apps. The Seapilot Navigation app is based on the functionality and design of commercial shipping standards for electronic navigation with digital nautical charts. The first navigation app in the world to implement features such as compatibility with AIS data, which makes it easily to see other vessels moving on nautical charts, Seapilot also provides weather files in real time. This has made Seapilot one of the most popular navigation apps and has been recognized as the top grossing app on Apple’s App Store.
Pricing and Availability The Seapilot Navigation App is a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. A Premium Service is available for an annual subscription from the Apple App Store for $39.99USD and Google Play for $37.99USD, annually. For more information on Seapilot, please visit

By Ocean Navigator