Sea-TV wins double platinum awards at Worldfest Film Festival

SEA-TV has just won two Platinum Awards at the 41st annual Worldfest film festival in Houston, Texas for their documentary, High Seas Schooner. They won both for the feature length documentary and for the 90 second preview for the production.

SEA-TV producers Chip Croft and Anneka Banton received the awards at the gala banquet Saturday, April the Houston Intercontinental Hotel.

High Seas Schooner chronicles a three week voyage on the classic100 foot wooden schooner, Harvey Gamage as it sails from the Virgin Islands to Gloucester, Massachusetts. The excitement builds when the schooner encounters storms and high seas in the North Atlantic. Rigging breaks and the skills of the crew are tested as they battle the extreme conditions.

“This is a documentary for anyone who wants to know what it feels like to be out there on the high seas on a classic wooden sailboat,” says SEA-TV Producer, Chip Croft. We produced it with minimal narration so that the viewer can get the true feeling of being on the ship.”

Worldfest is one of the oldest and largest film festivals in the world, with over 4,000 entries received from 37 countries. It was founded by award-winning producer/director Hunter Todd to present a quality film festival for independent filmmakers. Among the remarkable number of Worldfest discoveries are Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, George Lucas, Ridley Scott and Peter Weir.

By Ocean Navigator