Sea Recovery

Sea Recovery Corporation launches new leisure marine  website To continue its efforts to redefine and  elevate its brand, Sea Recovery Corporation has recently launched a  new marine specific website at <> , after completing a 3 month overhaul. Designed especially for the leisure marine  boater, the site now includes a refreshed appearance, an  easily-navigable interface, and an industry first;  watermaker-selector feature, helping visitors determine appropriate  systems for their vessels. Also new is the completely revamped  dealer section, featuring an interactive map listing all 130 plus  distributors worldwide. Sea Recovery  Corporation approaches 2008 and beyond with an increased emphasis on  styling, innovation, and lifestyle, which communicates directly with  luxury boaters across the globe. The company will continue its  branding campaign by updating all collateral for the coming  year. Visit to  see the future of Sea Recovery Corporation.
 About Sea Recovery Corporation
Sea Recovery has been the leader of reverse osmosis  desalination for small to large yachts since 1981. Today, the  company offers a variety of units capable of producing 170 to 44,000  GPD, from the Aqua Mini to the revolutionary Aqua Matic, to much  larger systems like the Coral Sea and North Sea. You may visit Sea  Recovery at their website for  additional information.
By Ocean Navigator