Scientists fail to find South Pacific Island

Sandyisland 420x0

The Brisbane Times website recently reported the story of an island, called Sandy Island, that showed on Google maps of the South Pacific, but could not be seen on electronic charts, or, more important, in the ocean itself. Scientists from the University of Sydney were aboard RV Southern Surveyor and were conducting research on plate tectonics when they noted Sandy Island, which was supposedly 60 miles in area approximately halfway between New Caledonia and Australia, showed up on their scientific and weather maps and on Google maps, but was nowhere to be found on their navigational chart.

In the interests of science, Southern Surveyor steamed to the spot and found… deep water. There was no island in sight. Yet another example of why voyagers need to exercise care and never put all their faith a single source of navigtional information.  

Go to the Brisbane Times website for a video that includes an interview with one of the scientists. 

By Ocean Navigator