Samson releases first-ever Sustainability Report

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FERNDALE, WA (August 9, 2018) — Sharing the belief that every business can improve their social, economic, and environmental bottom line, Samson is pleased to announce the release of their first annual Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report reinforces Samson’s commitment to people, community, and environment, and will become a part of their annual process going forward.  
With a grant from the Whatcom Community Foundation, via local community partner Sustainable Connections, Samson was able to dedicate resources to completing the report, which captures current state as well as strengths and areas for improvement, with specific goals for 2018 and beyond. The report takes a holistic approach, and features Samson’s focus on employees, safety, the community, the environment, and their goals around continuous improvement.   
“Samson’s advantage has long rested with our employees and our technology. We strive to consistently provide customers with an exceptional experience, while delivering meaningful innovation,” says Andrea Sturm, CEO.   “We share the vision of Sustainable Connections, that businesses can and should contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all people. Our reputation with, and care for, the communities in which we reside (Ferndale, WA and Lafayette, LA) is of utmost importance to us. Sustainability fits perfectly amongst our core values of passion and pride, teamwork, integrity, and health and safety. Samson is proud of the focus we’ve placed on reducing waste in the past, and we’ll continue to commit to an even broader stewardship of our communities and our environment.”

By Ocean Navigator