Samson Introduces Innovative Running Rigging Lines; Shift in Specification Focus

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FERNDALE, WA (January 3,  2019) —Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance rope, is pleased to introduce a breakthrough in engineering and design, with three new double-braid running rigging lines for sailors. Upgrading the XLS™ and MLX™ franchises, Samson presents XLS3™ and MLX3™, plus a brand new line for the elite racer, GPX™. These new sailing lines have all been built on a unified framework, and tailor-made with the best materials for sailors’ unique demands. This is Samson, continuing to introduce innovation in sailing; with lines that are stronger, easier to splice, and highly responsive.

Samson is also changing the way recreational marine lines are discussed, adding focus on a more relevant specification for sailors, Elastic Stiffness. Up until now, much focus has been on the strength of a line. While strength is important, it is not representative of the sailor's experience using a particular line.  Since Samson’s rope is already stronger than sailors need, they took their cue from professional racers, who look at elastic stiffness (resistance to stretch under load) as the most meaningful measurement of responsiveness to a particular command or action. Each of Samson’s new running rigging lines has an elastic stiffness measurement.

By Ocean Navigator