Safety for Cruising Couples – Including “Suddenly Alone”

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Safety for Cruising Couples – Including “Suddenly Alone”
Published by Cruising Club of America
Contact: Ron Trossbach at or (703) 403-8408.

The Safety at Sea Committee of the Cruising Club of America has just published an updated version of its highly regarded Suddenly Alone workbook, now titled Safety for Cruising Couples – Including “Suddenly Alone.” The workbook revisions incorporate the broad experience of CCA members, as well as the technology and techniques of safety and safety equipment that have evolved since the Suddenly Alone workbook was first published about 15 years ago.

The CCA has a distinguished 15-year history for presenting its Suddenly Alone Seminars, the name of which recently has changed to “Safety for Cruising Couples — Including ‘Suddenly Alone,’” at numerous yacht clubs and other venues around the U.S. and Canada. CCA members are among the most experienced bluewater sailors, many having completed extensive offshore cruises and circumnavigations, as well as various offshore races such as the Newport Bermuda Race. Much of this experience in seamanship is also applicable to coastal cruising.

The Safety for Cruising Couples — Including “Suddenly Alone” Seminars are geared to short-handed coastal cruisers, both sail- and powerboaters, and especially younger cruisers, giving the lesser-experienced partner the basic tools he/she needs to become a competent partner on the boat. Competence and mutual confidence leads to a partnership on board that makes cruising safer and more enjoyable for all. The workbook focuses on the essential onboard teamwork of preparing for emergencies, such as man overboard recovery, basic skills of navigation, identifying the boat’s location, boat-handling and radio communications.

It’s a handy reminder to both experienced and newer partners that safety procedures should be practiced every year. The art of safety is increased when both individuals are confident in knowing what to do when the unexpected happens.

By Ocean Navigator