Round-the-world sail training for Britain’s armed forces

Servicemen and women from all branches of Britain’s armed forces have have the opportunity to sail around the world in 67-foot training vessels.  Circumnavigating builds the skills they will rely on in their military careers.  One such training expedition, a “Tri-Service Adventurous Sail Training Exercise”, is in its second of 13 stages, just departing the Canary Islands.  

The aim of this year-long exercise, the largest ever to take place, is to develop the personal qualities essential to Regular and Reserve members of HM Forces through adventurous sail training in a Service environment.  Over 500 service personnel will experience the extremes of ocean crossings from the heat of the Tropics to the extreme cold of the Southern Ocean. TRANSGLOBE will test their physical and mental stamina whilst building confidence in themselves and their fellow crew members. 

By Ocean Navigator