Robot signals

How well do you know the proper sound and light signals for your size vessel for periods of reduced visibility? Now, how often do you send out that signals? Trying to signal manually while also operating your vessel while in the stressful conditions of fog can be areal challenge. This package, the Signal Mate from Kimberlite Assemblers in Baltimore, can be placed on the bow (well-secured, of course) and it will automatically send the necessary sound and light signals, leaving you free for more important tasks.

From the press release: Signal Mate from Kimberlite assemblers is a fully automatic, waterproof controller producing all sound and light signals required by the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules. It is specifically designed to enhance boating safety in conditions of restricted visibility and emergency situations such as engine breakdown, sail/rigging damage or flooding. An especially valuable piece of equipment for cruising yachts and sailboats involved in offshore racing.

Signal Mate is turned on in fog and automates the required light and sound signals. This frees the helmsman and crew to focus on the safe navigation of the vessel.In emergency conditions, radio and EPIRB will alert the authorities; Signal Mate guides them to you with an automated SOS light and sound signal.

 Signal Mate features push buttons for easy selection of specific of specific fog signals including danger / doubt and SOS.  Light and horn can be operated separately or together with manual or automatic operation. A side connection allows plug-in of a portable search light for easy cockpit use. The controller can be wired to a vessel’s existing light and horn or connected to Signal Mate Horn and high intensity LED light.

Signal Mate measures a compact 6.5” by 3.7” by 2.0”, operates on 12V, 24V, and 32V DC systems and can be bracket or surface mounted either in the cockpit or cabin nav station.

Optionally available is a backup 7 amp hour emergency re-chargeable battery, 106db horn and 360 degree high intensity LED light exceeding three nautical mile visibility requirements for vessels up to 165’/50m and is certified to ABYC A16 and 72 COLREGS Standards.

By Ocean Navigator