Retired marshal within striking distance of Atlantic rowing record

Former Deputy U.S. Marshal Leo Rosette is on the cusp of breaking the record to become the oldest person to row across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Rosette is competing in the Atlatic Rowing Race 2009. He departed the Canary Islands on January 4th and had 350 miles to go as of April 6th.

From the Boston Globe:

Twenty-two boats — most with two or four people on board — have finished the race, and three dropped out. Rosette has always said it’s about finishing, not winning.

After end his 20-year career with the US Marshals Service in August 2007 when he turned 57 — the mandatory retirement age for deputy marshals — Rosette said he started training for the ocean row because he was determined to prove he could still achieve great things.

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By Ocean Navigator