Renowned Yachtsman Selects Quickline Ultra Anchor and Swivel for Expedition Yacht

Huntington Beach, Calif. – Quickline, an importer of world-class quality marine gear and accessory products, announced today that its precision Ultra Anchor and Ultra Flip Swivel have been selected by distinguished global circumnavigator, Bruce Kessler, for the retrofit of his ocean-going expedition trawler yacht, “Spirit of Zopilote”. After an extensive search for the finest anchoring options on the market, the former West Marine Passage Maker of the Year and Pacific Coast Yachtsman of the Year winner chose the Quickline’s Ultra anchoring products for their superior performance.

The rugged Quickline Ultra Anchor lands consistently upright, sets in its own length in virtually all seafloor conditions and penetrates even the toughest surfaces ensuring extra strong holding power. Beautifully crafted of 316L Stainless Steel, the Ultra Anchor features a unique design to maximize its performance. The anchor has a hollow shank and lead filled base that locates the center of gravity in the bottom of the anchor forcing the anchor to always land upright with weight on its tip for quick and effective setting.

“Of the many anchors to choose from, I chose the Ultra Anchor because it possesses the key features that will best guarantee the safety and security of my vessel,” said Mr. Kessler. “The vessel has a deep draft and is often confronted with heavy displacement and high winds. It requires an excellent anchor. Having the Quickline Ultra Anchor gives me greater peace of mind as I embark on future adventures aboard the ‘Spirit of Zopilote’.”

Designed to complement the quality and performance integrity of the Ultra Anchor, Quickline’s Ultra Flip Swivel ensures solid anchor setting, seamless retrieval and consistent stowage. The Ultra Anchor and Swivel feature a sleek configuration and profile that fits most existing bow arrangements, and equips any vessel with efficient and flexible anchoring.

“We are thrilled that noted yachtsman’s Bruce Kessler has chosen Quickline anchoring products for the ‘Spirit of Zopilote’ retrofit,” said Randy Boelsems, president, QuicklineUSA. “The Ultra Anchor and Swivel are impeccably designed to provide safe, versatile and worry-free anchoring that are sure to exceed Bruce’s expectations.”

The “Spirit of Zopilote” will be at the Southeast Trawler Fest in Fort Lauderdale, January 29-31, 2010. Mr. Kessler is also scheduled to be a presenter at the event. For more information on the Ultra Anchor and Swivel, Quickline or its entire marine product line, please contact 714-843-6964 or visit

By Ocean Navigator