Readying for Gib

Another report from Charlie Humphries. Virago has made the Azores and her crew is now readying the boat for the passage to Gibraltar.”Just completed first leg of transatlantic journey, 2164 miles from Antiguato Azores (8 days, 20 hrs). We refuel, pick up some provisions andhead out for Gibraltar (1,000 miles) tomorrow about midday. Sailing has beentremendous, 15 to 20 knots of breeze all but two days and reaching close to<broad at nearly 12 knots. Weather last four days has been cool,overcast, squally and rainy, but no matter.”Boat is quite comfy and fast and crew is capable, fun and interesting. Haveseen dolphin, sea turtles, a few large ships and lots of Portuguese man o’war. Caugt a 50 lb. Wa-hoo yesterday afternoon, so sushi and tuna steaks fordinner next few days.”

By Ocean Navigator