Ready for the last leg on Margaret Anna

The latest from Bruce Schwab in Bermuda: After a few days of reprovisioning, rigging, misc. repairs, and getting 2 new crewmembers, we ready for the final leg on Tim Troy’s Margaret Anna from Bermuda to the Chesapeake Bay. Joining Carina Prakke and me is now Bermuda sailor Robbie Dickinson and also solo racer Gale Browning. Gale completed the notorious Mini Transat in 2001 on board her Mini 6.50!

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club has been great. To return the favor of their hospitality, I did a little lecture and tour of Tim’s boat for their junior sailing program. Here is part of a piece about their visit in Bermuda’s Royal Gazette.

“One of America’s elite solo sailors has shared his sailing secrets with some of Bermuda’s budding boatmen during an unforeseen first-time visit to the island.

“Bruce Schwab, the first American to complete the grueling Vendee Globe race, passed on his pearls of wisdom to young sailors from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club last weekend.

“The Californian arrived in Hamilton after the yacht he is delivering from La Rochelle, France, to Annapolis, Maryland, became bound to Bermuda en-route.

“Due to unfavourable sailing conditions, and with the boat requiring repairs, Schwab and his crew were forced into the unexpected stopover and took the opportunity to speak to the local yachting club’s aspiring sailors.

“The 47-year-old, who is delivering the Open 60 Margaret Anna for friend, and fellow sailor, Tim Troy has also taken time to renew acquaintances with Bermuda’s solo circumnavigator Alan Paris.”

Read the rest at the Royal Gazette web site.

Last month when I sailed my old 30sq meter from Tortola to Antigua, I sailed with the son of current owner Robin Tattersall, Johnny Tattersall. Johnny is a very interesting fellow, in fact he’s a cameraman for the “Survivor” TV series! We had a great time trading stories, and he wrote a bit about it on his website.

By Ocean Navigator