Raymarine nominated for a record four METS DAME awards

(NASHUA, N.H.) (Nov. 8) — Raymarine, a leading marine electronics manufacturer, made history this week following an announcement that it is the first company to ever receive four METS DAME Award nominations.

Considered to be the most prestigious design competition for new marine equipment and accessories in the world, the DAME Awards recognize excellence and innovation in design. From the 115 products entered for this year’s competition, 52 products from 12 countries were nominated to go forward for final judging, including all four of Raymarine’s entries.

Commenting on the awards, Irene Dros, domain manager for METS, said, “Hats off to Raymarine, four nominations is a record in DAME history. The METS Design Award has been encouraging the use of design in innovation for over 20 years and we are very proud to underline the impressive and innovative pace of Raymarine in this tough competition."

The four groundbreaking products nominated are the high-performance stand-alone Dragonfly Sonar/GPS with CHIRP DownVision, the new Evolution autopilot, the ECI-100 Universal Engine and Control Interface, and the CP100 Sonar module with CHIRP DownVision. All entered in the marine electronics and related software category, the products will be judged on many aspects from function to aesthetics and from packaging to end product.

Grégoire Outters, Raymarine’s general manager, said, “The fast pace of technology innovation and migration means that it’s an exciting time in new product introduction for Raymarine.  We’re extremely proud to see our four entries for the DAME award reach the shortlisting stage and we’re looking forward to showing our DAME-nominated products at METS.”

For more information about Raymarine and its products, go to www.raymarine.com.

By Ocean Navigator