Pulling in that WiFi signal

When a boat is in harbor, many voyagers want to have Internet connectivity via the various WiFi networks now available. But sometimes the small antenna on your laptop can’t quite pull in the signal. One solution, other than giving up the Internet all together and getting back to work on that varnishing you have been putting off, is to use a externally-mounted antenna. A company called RadioLabs in Fortuna, Calif., is selling a solution, an antenna called the WaveRV Marine. The company claims that this antenna is up to 15 times better than a laptop wireless card. And that it can connect to a wireless access point more than 1 mile away.

From the press release: RadioLabs, a wireless innovator, has developed a simple solution to our wireless line made exclusively for the marine community. We here at RadioLabs are avid marine enthusiasts that frequent the California coastline. Being the wireless leader and hardcore tech geeks, we pretty much only think of ways to constantly stay online. Of course, exceptions can be made for reeling in the big ones.

The WaveRV Marine is extremely simple to connect – This is virtually a plug-and-play setup. After mounting the antenna and installing the drivers the most difficult part of installation is connecting a USB cord. High speed access is not only extremely easy to get, but readily available from the comfort of your boat. No external power is needed, as the WaveRV Marine Wifi antenna is powered through the USB port.

With our powerful wireless card combined with an 8dB omni antenna the WaveRV Marine gives an amazing performance boost over integrated wireless and stock cards. Typical results give up to 30 times the range of notebooks with integrated wireless.

By Ocean Navigator