Program promotes Puget Sound pumpouts


Following the successful summer launch of their waterborne outreach campaign, Washington Sea Grant’s “Pumpout Paddlers” are back on the water. These volunteer recreational kayakers will be continuing their distribution of hands-free pump-out adapters to boaters in Puget Sound. In addition to Sea Grant, funding for the project also comes from fuel tax and the tax on recreational fishing gear.

The threaded adapters ensure a cleaner, easier way to pump sewage holding tanks. The adapter screws tightly into a boat’s waste-discharge deck fitting and clamps securely onto the hose leading to the pump-out station, allowing hands-free, spill-free pump-outs.

The Sea Grant program, dubbed “Pumpout Washington,” is being conducted in partnership with the Washington State Parks Boating Program.

The program tries to educate boaters and marina operators about the importance of keeping raw onboard sewage out of lakes, straits and Puget Sound. Sea Grant also works with marinas to secure federal Clean Vessel Act funding to install and operate pump-out stations.

Each free adapter kit also includes instructions, rubber gloves, and a scannable code linked to a map of pump-out stations, all contained in a waterproof tube. Since the program began in 2012, more than 3,000 kits have been distributed at boat shows, marinas and yacht clubs.

Waterborne delivery of the kits has been well received by boaters. Boaters being presented these units while on board may help ensure that the kits are not left ashore and unused.

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By Ocean Navigator