Problem 1: Sun sight

P1 400

This problem is a sun sight that can be reduced to an LOP. For this problem, we use 2002 Nautical Almanac data (daily page info included below at right — for all other corrections you can use a Nautical Almanac from any year).

You’re delivering a boat from Florida to Bermuda. On May 30, 2002, your DR position is 30° 46’ N, 68° 05’ W. Your height of eye is 9 feet and your sextant has an index error of 1.1’ on the arc. You shoot the sun’s lower limb at 18:26:51 GMT and get a sextant reading (Hs) of 62° 17.9’. Reduce the sight and plot the LOP.


Azimuth (Zn): 256°
Intercept: 3.6 nm away

By Ocean Navigator