Powerboat trainer might ease the strain of docking

If the only reason you own a boat is so you can have the thrill of taking it on and off the dock, maybe its time to get a simulator for use in the basement. Think of the money you'll save on dock fees, moorings, provisions, all the extras that you have to pay just for the chance to do the really fun part.

The Powerboat Trainer, manufactured by the Henry G. Dietz Co. of Long Island City, N.Y., is a remote-controlled, 45-inch, twin-screw powerboat that can be set up in a small practice pool. The trainer's control station includes two full-size throttles and a small helm. The device uses an FM transmitter to control the hull. The company developed the product for use as a classroom instruction tool and for yacht retailers to entice would-be buyers into the showroom or to linger at a trade show booth.

For more information, including an instruction manual on how to operate the Dietz Powerboat Handler, visit the following address: www.powerboat-handler.com.

By Ocean Navigator