Power passage to Hawaii


Nordhavn power voyaging yachts are no strangers to ocean passages. The newest in the line is the Nordhavn 52. And now the first Nordhavn 52, Dirona, owned by James and Jennifer Hamilton, has made Nordhavn history. On Nov. 6, 12 days after leaving San Francisco, Calif., Dirona arrived safely in Hilo, Hawaii. This passage is the longest for a Nordhavn 52 at more than 2,000 nautical miles.

A longer waterline and greater fuel capacity all translate into more speed and greater range than the Nordhavn 47, and Dirona’s recent voyage is proof.

Designed by Jeff Leishman and built by Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) in China, these rugged little ships have traveled the world’s oceans and taken their owners to many remote parts of the globe.

The most popular of the line has been the Nordhavn 46, which in 2002 was redesigned as the Nordhavn 47. The 47 is closer in performance and appointments to the company’s larger 50- and 55-foot models.

By Ocean Navigator