Pettit Marine Paint launches Hydrocoat Eco


Marine Paint company continues with environmentally conscious solutions

From the press release: Rockaway, N.J. – The Hydrocoat name has been synonymous with groundbreaking, waterborne, marine ablative technology for almost 20 years. First came Pettit’s award winning Hydrocoat, a multi-season, ablative antifouling paint, which was the benchmark for clean, highly effective and easy to use antifoulings. Last year the Hydrocoat line was expanded when the revolutionary product, Hydrocoat SR, the world’s first and only dual-biocide, water-based, multiseason ablative bottom paint, was introduced to the market. Now, Pettit is excited to launch the latest product in the Hydrocoat line up, Hydrocoat Eco, which is already shattering the perceptions of what an antifouling paint can be.

Hydrocoat Eco incorporates Pettit’s exclusive self-polishing, water-based, ablative technology with an organic biocide, Econea. By utilizing the highest level available of this metal-free biocide, in combination with a slime fighting inhibitor, Hydrocoat Eco promises to provide unprecedented multi-season protection. Pettit’s innovative technology replaces the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water. This formula provides the user with an easier application, soap and water clean up, and no heavy solvent smell. Hydrocoat Eco is selfpolishing; the paint film wears away with use, eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding. This formula is also copper-free, making it compatible over almost all bottom paints and safe for use on all substrates, including aluminum. With no copper to cause galvanic corrosion issues, Hydrocoat Eco is the perfect choice for bronze IPS and jet drives, outdrives and outboard motors. Hydrocoat Eco will not lose effectiveness when removed from the water.

Hydrocoat Eco is available in five colors, white, blue, red, green and black, and is offered in quarts and gallons throughout the United States at fine marine supply stores and boatyards. Application can easily be done with a brush, roller, or spray. For complete preparation and usage instructions visit Pettit Marine Paint online at

By Ocean Navigator