One step closer to the dream


One voyager’s dream of a record-breaking circumnavigation took another step closer to reality with a recent launching in Thomaston, Maine. Lyman-Morse’s latest yacht, Kiwi Spirit, hit the water at the mid-coast boatyard on Nov. 1, 2012, on the high tide.

Kiwi Spirit, designed by Bruce Farr was built by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Maine and launched Nov. 1, 2012.

The yacht is the boatyard’s 100th new build and brings its owner and skipper, Dr. Stanley Paris, closer to his quest to becoming the oldest (at 76 years old), fastest and “greenest” circumnavigator. Paris will also be challenging Dodge Morgan’s record of circumnavigating in 150 days, one hour, and six minutes aboard American Promise in 1986.

The Bruce Farr-designed yacht, dubbed a Paris 63, is based on a brief from Paris to be fast, safe and ergonomically tailored to its skipper/owner. The stiff but lightweight hull is built out of epoxy-infused carbon fiber, e-glass, and Kevlar with a thermocore. For performance there is a 14-foot, nine-inch lifting keel (down) and water ballast compartments to counter the rig. All sail controls are led to the cockpit and handled by manual winches.

Paris plans to begin his voyage in November 2013.

While primarily designed as a high-performance racing yacht, Kiwi Spirit will also serve as a cruising vessel before and after Paris’ circumnavigation. In cruising configuration it is an elegantly appointed boat complete with conventional systems, interior, engine, and generator. When racing it will be stripped of most of its creature comforts including much of the interior furnishings, along with the engine and genset. This will not only lighten the boat for racing but also be in keeping with Paris’ goal of circumnavigating without reliance on any fossil fuels. The yacht will be totally dependent on wind, solar, and hydro-regeneration for its auxiliary power and employ state-of-the-art energy conservation systems. If he succeeds, Paris will be the first to circumnavigate non-stop and unassisted using no hydrocarbons.

To follow Kiwi Spirit’s progress, visit Paris plans to begin the circumnavigation in November 2013.

By Ocean Navigator