One-of-a-kind charts at NY Public Library

Antique chart and map enthusiasts will delight in anexhibit opening at the New York Public Library this fall. The Library’s Map Division received the collection of unique and extremely valuable charts, maps, globes, and atlases from the estate of one of its patrons, Lawrence H. Slaughter.

The exhibit, which runs from October through March 1999, focuses on English Colonial North American geography. The 600 maps and charts, besides being historically significant, are impressive to the nautical aficionado for their richly detailed coastlines, hand-drawn in bright colors.

"This particular collection of 16th and 17th century English maps and atlases may be found nowhere else in the world," said Alice Hudson, curator of the Library’s Map Division. Several charts include navigational notations, according to Hudson, since they were actual charts used by British ships.

By Ocean Navigator