ON writers meet up in Mexico


When Jeff Merrill, a frequent contributing writer to Ocean Navigator, was in Ensenada Mexico brokering the sale of Nordhavn 46 for clients, he had no idea he was about to have a meetup with fellow ON writers Bob and Carol Mehaffy, liveaboard voyagers who also have contributed multiple articles to ON. One of the buyers asked Jeff if a friend of his could inspect the trawler. Jeff said, "Of course!" The inspecting friend turned out to be Bob Mehaffy and in the ensuing conversation Jeff, Bob and Carol realized all had an Ocean Navigator connection.

Jeff describes it this way: "I walked over to their sailboat (a Harding 45 I believe) and Carol mentioned that they were going through some magazines and saw that in a previous Ocean Navigator issue we had all contributed stories. Talk about an easy way to break the ice. They came over to see the 46 for their friend and in the process I got to meet and befriend an incredible cruising couple." 

From our office here in icy Maine, a Mexico conclave sounds pretty good about now!     

By Ocean Navigator