Olaf Harken Releases New Book Fun Times in Boats, Blocks, & Business

Pewaukee, WI – Olaf Harken has just released a personal memoir of his youth overseas, his time in the US Navy, unconventional business ventures, and a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Harken from its beginning until today.He reveals some of the interesting and fun culture that built Harken through handshake deals and grew the reputation of the company one sailor at a time.

"After being caught in the middle of a Japanese invasion during WWII, we didn't have many records of our family history. Therefore, I wanted to record some of my stories to pass on to our children and sailors everywhere. We never imagined how all of our misadventures would turn out, but it's sure been a hell of a ride."- Olaf Harken

"Everyone loves adventure stories and the adventurer of our generation is the risk-taking entrepreneur. Harken's story is a tale of guts, creativity, and smarts. Olaf and Peter created mighty hurdles for their competitors and slick products that made sailboats faster, safer and more fun."- Don Macaulay, publisher and a cofounder of Sail magazine

The book is available now for purchase through Harken.com.


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