Notable New Books: World Cruising Essentials

From Ocean Navigator #131
July/August 2003
Jimmy Cornell, author of the popular World Cruising Handbook and World Cruising Routes, has a habit of surveying the participants in his ocean rallies, and the international community of voyaging sailors as a whole, for their perspectives on the wandering life. The first edition of Essentials was published in 1989 and has since been updated to accommodate the significant upgrades in technology and seamanship practices in the intervening years. He gathered information from an estimated 15,000 sailors, who served on more than 3,000 boats.

Sections include a look at various boat designs, rig and equipment choices, engines and systems, navigation practices, safety and emergency gear, and a detailed look at communications equipment and technical information.

International Marine/McGraw Hill, Camden, Maine; 242 pages; $29.95.

By Ocean Navigator