Notable New Books: The Last Great Adventure of Sir Peter Blake

The Last Great Adventure of Sir Peter Blake – With the Seamaster and Blakexpeditions from the Antarctic to the Amazon. Edited by Alan Sefton

When Blake was killed by pirates in the Amazon in December 2001, he was engaged in an extended voyage of environmental outreach. By sailing to remote areas of the world aboard his extraordinary vessel Seamaster and documenting how its beauty and fragility was being threatened, Blake hoped to bring the wonders of the watery world back to television and Internet viewers around the globe. If people could see what he saw, a more thorough sense of environmentalism might be adopted.

This book is an edited collection of Blake’s logbooks on this last expedition. It is filled with hundreds of color photos and details of adventurous exploits, reported in Blake’s clear, compelling voice.

Sheridan House, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.; 215 pages; $39.95.

By Ocean Navigator