Notable new books for the holidays (Part II)

Nelson: The Arctiv Adventures of Tristan’s Old Sea DogBy Anthony Dalton

Tristan Jones sailed the world, accumulating fantastic adventures so that he could describe them in great detail in his books. He was often accused of fictionalizing his life and stretching the truth, but he never failed to tell a good yarn. Weaved throughout many of his stories were numerous mentions of his dog Nelson, a one-eyed, three legged beast of a Labrador. Anthony Dalton, true to the form laid out by the old master by stretching reality, has created a charming tale – told from the perspective of the dog — about wandering the seven seas with Jones. Nelson hates the cold and would rather spend his days curled at the feet of his master in a cozy pub. But, like his master, he’s a wandering dog and can’t help but head for the horizon in search of adventure.

Nelson’s ears flap in the breeze, growls out sarcastic comments to his exuberant captain, and together they sail their little ship Cresswell nearly to the north pole before being turned back by ice.

The book is self-published by Anthony Dalton, available at or via email:

A Funny Old Life: An Anecdotal Romp Through The Sailing Career of Des Sleightholme

By Des Sleightholme

Anyone familiar with the British boating magazines Yachting Monthly and Classic Boat has no doubt enjoyed the humorous misadventures of Des Sleightholme. His stories are rife with off-the-wall British nautical slang and are always told with self-deprecating good humor. Sleightholme docks and anchors his engineless boats under sail alone, goes aground, and has a wonderful time. He is a living bridge between the yachting seamanship of old (tar and marlinespikes and wood and canvas) and the modern age.

A Funny Old Life is a delightful sail through more than 50 years of European cruising.

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, London; available online: or by calling (from the U.S.) 011-44-20-7758-0280.

By Ocean Navigator