Northern Lights announces load bank system

SEATTLE &mdash May 5, 2009 &mdash Technicold by Northern Lights is proud to introduce the marine industry’s most advanced solution for electrical load management &mdash the variable output Automatic Linear Load Bank System.
The Technicold Automatic Linear Load Bank System is the ideal solution for a vessel requiring electrical load balancing. It is the only fresh-water cooled, non-modular load bank commercially available that features variable outputs to manage electrical load on each individual 3-phase leg.
By supplying a supplemental electric load to the generator, Technicold load banks ensure that the generator is always properly loaded. A ship’s load activity is easily monitored with the load bank controller, which tracks phases from the ship’s electrical panel. The digital controllers analyze the data and transmit commands to the load bank processors. When the vessel’s power usage fluctuates, the controller uses pre-programmed parameters to manage electric loads, ensuring optimal loading of the ship’s generator sets. Units are available with the optional PLC system that includes a full-color touch screen.
“High-energy demand systems like air conditioning, stabilizers and bow thrusters are becoming more common in all types of vessels,•bCrLf said Clive Cox, Technicold director of engineering. “With multiple staterooms, power configurations and night-versus-day demands, properly loading your generator set can be challenging. Without proper load management, the generator set can run under-loaded, leading to potential maintenance issues. A fully variable load bank can manage your generators’ loads to ensure optimal performance.•bCrLf
Power production and climate control are among the most critical systems on any vessel. A climate-control provider with the experience of Technicold, backed by the power production specialists at Northern Lights, is uniquely qualified to produce a load-banking solution that truly sets the industry standard.
The Technicold Linear Load Bank will be on display at the American Superyacht Forum in Seattle, Washington from May 11-14.
By Ocean Navigator