Nordhavn Open House to feature two new models

Pacific Asian Enterprises, builder of the Nordhavn line of yachts, will host an Open House on April 25th in Newport Beach, CA.  The event will be a rare chance for the public to see two of their newest vessels: the 75-foot Yacthfisher and the 56-foot Motorsailer.  
From the press release:  

Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE) is pleased to announce the Nordhavn Open House happening April 25, which will feature jointly our two groundbreaking new models, the 75-foot Expedition Yachtfisher and the 56-foot Motorsailer. The buzz on these boats has been rampant since they first splashed earlier this year. Now, we are giving all those who have expressed interest in these two models the unique opportunity to get on board and discover exactly what it is that makes these boats so special. 
Invitations have been issued to all interested Yachtfisher and Motorsailer prospects, but we also would like to encourage the press to attend. For any reporter or editor who has yet to view either of these remarkable vessels, it’s a prime opportunity to get on board and see what makes them so special. Additionally, members of the engineering and project management teams will be on hand to answer any questions. Drawings, specs and images can be picked up on site, or can be provided immediately as needed. 
As an aside, this will likely be the last opportunity for the press to get on board the Expedition Yachtfisher until mid-October. The owners of both 7501 and 7502 will be taking off with their boats shortly after the Open House event. Hull #3 will not be shipped from the factory until September.
We hope you will plan to stop by and join us for a terrific afternoon of exploring and learning about these two extraordinary vessels. Please respond to if you plan to attend, or call 949-496-4848.
Details of the Nordhavn Open House are as follows:
The Nordhavn Open House
Saturday, April 25, 2009
11 am – 4 pm
Nordhavn Yachts Newport Beach
151 Shipyard Way, #4
Newport Beach, CA 92663

LOA:                                                    74’5″ / 22.71 M
LWL:                                                   66’8″ / 20.28 M
BEAM:                                                 22’4″ / 6.81 M
BWL:                                                   20’6″ / 6.25 M
DRAFT (1/2 LOAD):                           6’6″ / 1.99 M
DISPLACEMENT:                               185,447 LBS. / 84.12 MT (EMPTY)
Cp:                                                      .58
WATER CAPACITY:                           600 GALS. / 2271.25 L
FUEL CAPACITY:                               4300 GALS. / 16,227.27 L
BLACK WATER CAPACITY:              200 GALS. / 757.08 L
GRAY WATER CAPACITY:                160 GALS. / 605.67
ENGINE:                                              TWIN DETROIT SERIES 60 DIESELS
POWER:                                             535 HP @ 2,100 RPM
RANGE:                                              4,000+ NM

LOA:                                                    57’5″ / 17.5 M
LWL:                                                   52’6″ / 16.0 M
BEAM:                                                 16’7″ / 5.05 M
DRAFT (FULL LOAD):                        6’0 / 1.83 M
DISPLACEMENT (FULL):                   70,410 LBS. / 32.0 T
D/L (FULL):                                         216
WATER CAPACITY:                           250 GALS. / 946 L
FUEL CAPACITY:                               750 GALS. / 2839 L
HOLDING TANK:                                75 GALS.
ENGINE:                                              LUGGER L1066T DIESEL
POWER:                                             165 HP @ 2400 RPM
SAIL:                                                    1,217 SQ. FT. / 113.1 SQ M
RANGE UNDER POWER:                 3,000+ NM
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