Nordhavn hull description corrected

To the editor: The recent article on the Nordhavn 56MS (“A cruising evolution rooted in solid tradition,” American Yacht Review, October 2008, Issue No. 173) did a god job describing this Nordhavn design. The author, however, did not correctly describe the vessel’s hull structure.

The Nordhavn 56MS has a solid fiberglass hull for strength and toughness. The hull incorporates full-length structural stringers and stiffeners resulting in an extraordinarily stiff hull. The outer fiberglass laminates use vinylester resin to improve flexural strength and prevent osmotic blistering. Adhesive, mechanical fasteners and fiberglass bonding are used to create a hull-to-deck joint that is far in excess of any construction standard.

The surface of the hull is coated with Ferro UltraShield gelcoat, an isophthalic coat with high performance pigments and additives resulting in exceptional color retention, durability and resistance to yellowing.

Balsa cored construction and foam are used in the cabin top and deck for a lighter, yet rigid top structure.

—Randy Robertson works with Nordhavn to promote the Nordhavn 56MS and N75EYF.

By Ocean Navigator