No Motor, No Support, No Problem! Mustang Survival Partners with Race to Alaska

Bellingham, WA – Mustang Survival®, the North American brand known for innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, announces its sponsorship of the 2019 Race to Alaska (R2AK), a competition with one simple rule, no motors. Traversing some of the world’s riskiest and most temperamental waterways, R2AK participants are limited to only human power and wind power to complete the 750-mile course. With less than half of the starting teams making it to the finish line, R2AK is all about putting in maximum effort the entire time without exception – the winner takes home $10,000 while the runner-up gets a set of steak knives.
“Mustang Survival is based in Pacific Northwest, specifically because we believe it’s one of the last frontiers and its wilderness and waters make for some of the best, and most grueling, testing-grounds for our gear. The people and conditions that make up Race to Alaska are precisely why Mustang Survival continues to thrive after 50 years. Their perseverance and grit to take on mother nature’s unyielding wiles is where our gear shines,” states Jason Leggatt, Mustang Survival’s general manager.
Kicking-off with a 40-mile sprint from Port Townsend to Victoria BC, the 2019 Race to Alaska begins on June 3. Applications are currently being accepted until April 15, and the arrogantly naïve need not apply.
“There are no rules or schedules, but the most competitive teams just go all out, all night, and the weather hits them right in the face again, and again, and again. Teams are pretty shredded by the time they finish,” explains Race Boss, Daniel Evans. “But,” Leggatt added, “with Mustang Survival, their gear won’t be.”

By Ocean Navigator